Van Doeland, Janice Lillian Hilda "Heckendorf"

Van Doeland, Janice Lillian Hilda “nee Heckendorf” -

 Passed away peacefully at Murray House Wentworth on September 6, 2020, aged 75 years. Loving partner of Tony Jewell(dec). Loving mother of Richard and Kharon. Adored Grandma of Leah, Tiffany, Lachlan and Mathilda.

Family and friends of Janice are welcome to attend her Graveside Funeral Service at the Wentworth Lawn Cemetery, Monday September 14, 2020 at 10.00am.

The web streaming of Janice’s funeral service will be available to view via our archival service on Monday September 14, 2020 at 3pm using PIN: 1408 

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  • Ben Van Doeland

    Thank you Janice for being an excellent wife for such a long time, and for your love and care towards the children and grandchildren. Rest in Peace.

  • Wes Ellis


    This is for my Aunty Jan, she is my second Mum
    Whenever we went to Neurie Plains, the relatives would also come
    On the Bogan River where the water seldom flows
    A river gauge on the internet, where the river level shows
    Seventeen miles south on the Tottenham Road we would often travel
    First right after a left hand bend, where the bitumen turns to gravel
    I close my eyes as I open the gate and hear its dry creaking sound
    Everyone’s at the old homestead on that hallowed ground
    Memories of feeding potty lambs, powdered milk inside a bottle
    Motorcycles sliding sideways, white knuckles on full throttle
    More memories of the dry heat shimmering on the plains
    Then the welcome relief of those sometimes flooding rains
    The heartache of the clean up and washing out the mud
    Until “Neurie” got a levy bank to hold back the rising flood
    Winter’s cold is lambing time; Summer’s sunburn and fly strike
    So we round them towards the shearing shed on the motorbike
    Marking, crutching, wigging and plunge-dipping sheep
    Always so much to do, we never had time to sleep
    Crops to plant, we hope they grow and finally a good yield
    A full time job just shooting pigs out there in the field
    Be alert, be observant, and let’s not make mistakes
    The only good spider is a dead spider and that also applies to snakes
    Collecting eggs from broody hens, not my favourite task
    We did what we were told to do, all Grandma did was ask
    Grandma’s poison cart with a drum full of pollard
    With meat scraps stirred through so the dogs had something solid
    Farm machinery where it stops that’s where it will stay
    Until parts become available or else it eventually rusts away
    Then with all the grandkids at Christmas on the great room floor
    Like giant grubs in sleeping bags from back verandah to front door
    Waking to the 6:00am ABC news, that’s how each day begun
    First breakfast, sometimes lunch, with dinner well after the setting sun
    We’re still awake at midnight, we all run on “Neurie” time
    Another drink of Soda Stream, “hey who drank all the lime?”
    Seldom a cross word spoken because we all belong
    While someone peddles the pianola and others sing along
    Grandma and Grandfather’s 50th anniversary, the best of many weekends
    Where not only were we family but also best of friends.

    I love you Aunty Jan. You are in my heart and thoughts all the time.

    P.S. Say hi to my Mum and Dad when you get to the gates of the New Jerusalem, get fitted for a set of wings, and then you can catch up with friends and family once more.

    P.P.S. Yodeling angels and line-dancing don’t really go hand in hand but, hey, that’s what they are going to get! I can see it now – a choir of yodeling, boot-scooting angels in cowboy hats led by a smiling Janice practicing for a chance to take out the trophy at the karaoke challenge at Lucifer’s Tavern next Friday night.

    Wes x