Why are so many people pre-planning a funeral?

Why are so many people pre-planning a funeral?

So first of all, what exactly is a pre-paid funeral?

A pre-paid funeral is where an individual or couple choose to plan all the details of their funeral and pay for it at today’s prices.

Each year thousands of people pre-plan and pre-pay their funeral. Many people choose to do this for peace of mind, removing the burden from loved ones and financial reasons. Many Nursing Homes or Retirement Villages now ask you to provide them with your preferred Funeral Director at the time of moving in.

Many parents wish to take the burden and responsibility away from their children when pre-planning their funeral. In the same way that you have a Will and Power of Attorney in place, many people also see the benefit of pre-planning and pre-paying their funeral.

When you prepay for a funeral, you avoid future price rises. Your Funeral Director will provide you with a binding contract that ensures any future price rises are avoided. You get todays price, and that won’t change.

Planning ahead is a practical and loving act of kindness that your immediate family will be most thankful for. Tell at least two family members that you have a Funeral Plan in place and where the Contract is located so they are aware of your plan when the time comes.

It’s important to note that you should not take out a pre-paid contract with any provider who does not invest in a third party investment house who is in compliance with the Pre-Paid Funeral Act.

If you have further questions about prepaid funerals and planning your own, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly staff will have the answers. Contact us today on 03 5021 5777 and we’ll help you plan the funeral that reflects you and the life you have lived.